Best Places To See Christmas Lights In Georgia

Once a year you can drive slowly around neighborhoods, point at homes, take pictures in front of the door of strangers and instead of calling it creepy behavior, it’s called festive and merry. If you’re a fan of Christmas lights or have children in your life, you get this.  

Georgia boasts of incredible light displays around the state that children of all ages can enjoy and instead of driving around, wasting gas and hoping to trip upon one of these gems, we’ll help you out and list a few of our favorite Christmas lights in Georgia this year.

Atlanta Botanical Garden – Garden Lights, Holiday Nights

If you’ve lived in Atlanta for any length of time, you have probably heard that people drive from miles around to walk outdoor around this local treasure during the months of November, December, and January. Be sure to get your tickets early because this event with garden lights, musical elements, dancing, hot cocoa and hundreds of your closest friends, always sells out.

Pettit Creek Farms

If you’re looking to strike joy into the hearts of everyone in your minivan, this is your next stop in Cartersville, GA this holiday season. Not only do they have a great display of lights, but Pettit Creek Farms also offers a petting zoo, hayrides, Santa visits, and real reindeer. Be sure to bring your winter coats to this outing, because you’ll be wanting to explore under the stars for as long as your cheerful heart can stand it.

Duluth’s Christmas House

This next stop on our list is way more than Christmas lights in Georgia. It’s a full-blown wonderland. Have the littles in your life be prepared to write their wish list when you arrive, as there is a place to write and mail a letter to Santa. Be sure to participate in their nightly scavenger hunt, eat their delicious cookies, drink their warm cocoa and most important of all, be sure you bring your giving spirit. The Duluth Christmas House is raising donations this month for a local 12-year old girl who is battling cancer for a second time.

Synchronized Christmas Lights

Several years ago, a few brave souls channeled Clark Griswold and decided to invent a home Christmas light display that would make Cousin Eddie stand in silence. To take it over the top, they added the element of synchronized music. Since that first viral video, several neighborhoods and homes have followed suit. Here are some of our favorite residential Christmas light displays:

Riley’s Rockin’ Christmas – Kennesaw, GA
Christmas in Castille – Alpharetta, GA
Felix Family Christmas Lights – Dallas, GA

We hope that one, or all, of these metro Atlanta holiday light displays are on your list for this year. We’ve heard that a bucket of homemade popcorn and a mug of hot cocoa while singing “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” in the car, is a great way to kick off the night of incredible memories with your loved ones. Enjoy the holiday lights!

So, what are we missing? Where are some other great places to see Christmas lights in Georgia?